010 - White Visitation

White Visitation, who debuted on Blank Sate 006, returns with a full EP that showcases the vastness of his musical capability.  The Mexico City native doesn’t submit to the boundaries and limitations of genre to frame his musical identity. This ability inspires the conquering of differing styles of music without hesitation.  The result is a pervasive sonic fingerprint evident in any of his creations.

White Visitation begins with Maintain, a heavier-leaning track which evades abrasiveness while remaining vigorous.  The track, previously released on cassette, seems to smother a melancholic feeling desperately yearning for escape.  CYEADOS is a ballad of distant war horns crying out in longing. It peaks with a barrage of brutalist ride cymbals which both pummel and soothe.  Take it Again is an exercise in elegance and elation.  White Visitation consummates an atmosphere of sweetness without sacrificing an ounce of depth. He balances layer upon layer until what stands is a house of cards constructed to resist the ever intrusive winds of monotony.