007 - René Audiard

"Cywilizacja Pt. 2," part of the latest release on Blank Slate, begins almost exactly on the downbeat where "Cywilizacja Pt. 1" ended. As a continuation of Rene Audiard's debut on Blank Slate (Audiard is, in fact, label head and B. Tracks member Soren Jahan), the meandering track clocks in at 14:14 and is distinctly disorienting, built off burrowing loops and a sample of a moaning woman. The tension arising from the sample source—and the question of whether it's voicing pleasure or pain,—is just one of the many rabbit holes Audiard sends listeners down over the course of a memorably detailed journey. 

"Lamia," said to sample Kurdish chants, conjures a throbbing street scene. A ghostly muezzin floats throughout the track, with a more aggressive instrumental palette that feels less derivative than the Villalobos-inspired "Cywilizacja" sometimes does. Still, you wish that the sampled upheaval in the track broke through the drowsiness in the way Audiard has managed to do in the past.

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