013 - White Visitation

White Visitation - Blank Slate 013's B Side Artwork selected and shot by Mathea Millman

White Visitation has emerged as one of the pioneers of Mexico City’s underground. His sound is established and his style is definitive, yet he effortlessly glides between genres.  His sonic agility evokes more than simple steel and concrete.  While his compositions are vigorous and even frantic, warmth and melancholy lie just beneath the surface.  Indifferent to the present day fads of last week’s dance floor, White Visitation fearlessly produces on his own terms.

In Wounds II, White Visitation swiftly delivers listeners into the pocket of a percussive masterclass. From there, a simple melody propels the track forward— as it evolves, so does the ambience of the track.  Horizontal Dub is an exercise in contradiction.  It weds a hypnotic dub-centric format with hectic driving high-hats. In Wounds V, White Visitation works at a blistering pace reminiscent of the groove-based techno of the 90s. It is frantic yet tight, every sound carefully balanced to achieve a soothing nature.  The progression is circular, with sonic elements constantly rotating in and out of the forefront. Delete_forever is the thematic finale to the record.  A pulsating baseline churns below a broken beat, while gusty synths blow together a texture of somber elation.