012 - René Audiard

René Audiard has long since established himself as one of the stand-alone producers in minimal. His sound is meticulously crafted, instantly discernible. Following the summer release of the second album, he returns to Blank Slate with some of his most imaginative work to date.

Audiard’s expertise in sourcing non-Western samples has been consistently documented by Blank Slate. With this release, he brings the international influence of his compositions to the forefront. Rather than utilizing samples as building blocks in a typical dance music structure, Audiard has opted for the nuanced approach of crafting his compositions around the samples. The result is a symbiotic relationship in which he delivers a new context for his carefully selected sounds. 

In Kingston’s Road (Edit), Audiard draws power from simplicity in his edit of a West African classic. Signature percussion and baseline act as a backbone to the beauty of the Malian’s kora. Omid is built on an unshakable micro-house beat infused with Persian poetry. Seemingly from nowhere, a melodic piano delivers a thematic release to the warm dry tension.  Magelhaens is a mastery of space. Audiard delivers a shadowed mind trip through layered waves of sonic mystique. Modal instrumentation, chants, and gasping sinister synths are encountered until the track erupts into jubilant devotion.

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011 - Michal Wolski

Michal Wolski returns to Blank Slate to deliver another EP.  Blank Slate 011 is a continuation of Wolski’s signature dubby minimalist strain of techno.  The Warsaw veteran’s ability to summon thick hypnotic ambience makes his compositions instantly recognizable.  Wolski’s patience and subtlety summons a nuanced version of power.

The EP begins with Midnight Train, which was released originally on cassette on Wolski’s own label Minicromusic.  An airy mystique evolves into a melodic bliss, garnished with ride cymbals that seem to rain down from the sky.  Magnitude is a return to Woslki’s proclivity for the psychodramatic.  Broken percussion lays the foundation for a journey into the expansiveness of space.  Sporadic harmonic jabs and eerie vapors bubble up from the earth itself.  No Mind summons the power and density of an engine.  Built on a foundation of chuggingpercussion, it commands a mirage of mechanical layers which flow in and out of focus.  The EP closes with Eightfold Path; a hypnotic drum line propels the track through an atmosphere lush with the tension of pressurized air.  Thunderous stabs roll in from afar until they’re right overhead — claps and groans provide only momentary relief from the storm.

009 - Shcaa

Shcaa’s latest work is not for the impatient, the submissive or the unadventurous. The Parisian’s ability to combine otherwise unrelated sounds resembles a poem written in dozens of the most magnificent tongues.

Shcaa commands an orchestra of samples and field recordings that weave a constantly evolving collage of sound. His attention to detail while working with the smallest and largest of sounds, acts as a reminder that his tracks are not only meant to be utilized, but to be appreciated as elaborate compositions.

I Want You showcases Shcaa’s diverse musical background, and is inspired by the moods and sounds of the Latin Quartier of Paris. The Way You Look at Things is a culmination of more than a year of work with dozens of samples and field recordings. Its exquisite nature falls nothing short of a masterpiece.

These two tracks bloom with a graceful intricacy that transports the listener away from her surroundings to a palace that is meticulously sculpted by a precise artist. Shcaa’s musical finesse is not accidental; every inclusion is measured, every nuance carefully designed to entrance.

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005 - Düve


A1 Karv

A2 Woman (Featuring John Evangelista) 

B1 Streets

B2 660

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Ali Çakır and Soren Jahan team present their collaboration Düve -- a techno infused journey into the depths of Turkish music.