Michal Wolski

011 - Michal Wolski

Michal Wolski returns to Blank Slate to deliver another EP.  Blank Slate 011 is a continuation of Wolski’s signature dubby minimalist strain of techno.  The Warsaw veteran’s ability to summon thick hypnotic ambience makes his compositions instantly recognizable.  Wolski’s patience and subtlety summons a nuanced version of power.

The EP begins with Midnight Train, which was released originally on cassette on Wolski’s own label Minicromusic.  An airy mystique evolves into a melodic bliss, garnished with ride cymbals that seem to rain down from the sky.  Magnitude is a return to Woslki’s proclivity for the psychodramatic.  Broken percussion lays the foundation for a journey into the expansiveness of space.  Sporadic harmonic jabs and eerie vapors bubble up from the earth itself.  No Mind summons the power and density of an engine.  Built on a foundation of chuggingpercussion, it commands a mirage of mechanical layers which flow in and out of focus.  The EP closes with Eightfold Path; a hypnotic drum line propels the track through an atmosphere lush with the tension of pressurized air.  Thunderous stabs roll in from afar until they’re right overhead — claps and groans provide only momentary relief from the storm.

008 - Michal Wolski

Blank Slate’s eighth release showcases Warsaw’s Michal Wolski, who made his debut on Blank Slate 006. This time Wolski takes us to far subtler depths than his previous Derivate.!

The EP starts with Who am I, the song that captures all the energy evoked by the other three arrangements. Its energetic composition is compact, complex, and full of space and mystery. This track conquers the dance floor. Measurement falls on the other side of the spectrum; it is a study of doubt and a search for answers. Abstract, full of ambiguity and drive, Measurement completes the intense vibe of the A side. 

On the B side, Wolski draws from a completely different palette. The Bells is an attempt to reconcile darkness and brightness - title bells encased in a tight structure are brightened moment by moment by dub themes coming from the distant depths. After the last bell, there is time for Black Swan, a slower paced track with taut rhythmic accents.

The distinguishing characteristic of this release is Michal Wolski's attention to subtleties. Blank Slate 008 is full of details - a fascinating, intriguing and vibrant mix of techno, dub and experimental electronics. This release stands at the crossroads: it builds on and forges beyond the life-giving sources of avant-garde electronic music.

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