011 - Michal Wolski

Michal Wolski returns to Blank Slate to deliver another EP.  Blank Slate 011 is a continuation of Wolski’s signature dubby minimalist strain of techno.  The Warsaw veteran’s ability to summon thick hypnotic ambience makes his compositions instantly recognizable.  Wolski’s patience and subtlety summons a nuanced version of power.

The EP begins with Midnight Train, which was released originally on cassette on Wolski’s own label Minicromusic.  An airy mystique evolves into a melodic bliss, garnished with ride cymbals that seem to rain down from the sky.  Magnitude is a return to Woslki’s proclivity for the psychodramatic.  Broken percussion lays the foundation for a journey into the expansiveness of space.  Sporadic harmonic jabs and eerie vapors bubble up from the earth itself.  No Mind summons the power and density of an engine.  Built on a foundation of chuggingpercussion, it commands a mirage of mechanical layers which flow in and out of focus.  The EP closes with Eightfold Path; a hypnotic drum line propels the track through an atmosphere lush with the tension of pressurized air.  Thunderous stabs roll in from afar until they’re right overhead — claps and groans provide only momentary relief from the storm.

009 - Shcaa

Shcaa’s latest work is not for the impatient, the submissive or the unadventurous. The Parisian’s ability to combine otherwise unrelated sounds resembles a poem written in dozens of the most magnificent tongues.

Shcaa commands an orchestra of samples and field recordings that weave a constantly evolving collage of sound. His attention to detail while working with the smallest and largest of sounds, acts as a reminder that his tracks are not only meant to be utilized, but to be appreciated as elaborate compositions.

I Want You showcases Shcaa’s diverse musical background, and is inspired by the moods and sounds of the Latin Quartier of Paris. The Way You Look at Things is a culmination of more than a year of work with dozens of samples and field recordings. Its exquisite nature falls nothing short of a masterpiece.

These two tracks bloom with a graceful intricacy that transports the listener away from her surroundings to a palace that is meticulously sculpted by a precise artist. Shcaa’s musical finesse is not accidental; every inclusion is measured, every nuance carefully designed to entrance.

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005 - Düve


A1 Karv

A2 Woman (Featuring John Evangelista) 

B1 Streets

B2 660

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Ali Çakır and Soren Jahan team present their collaboration Düve -- a techno infused journey into the depths of Turkish music.  

004 - Mirko


A1 Bergstrom

A2 Ekatarina

B1 State and Revolution

B2 Damperhof


Mirko, an Ithaca, NY native, delivers a full EP after his contribution to Blank Slate 001.  The EP showcases a taste of Mirko's infinite range.  From storming techno to jazzed out slo-mo house to acid infused cello techno -- one simply has to wonder what other gems he's sitting on.